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Some of the entries below lead to a specfic page, some set Blog filters (topics). Additional topics and keywords can be found on the desktop version of the Blog, under Topics and More Topics. Unless otherwise mentioned content is (predominantly) in English.

Special Interest

wifi voor dummies Wifi en De Buren voor Dummies - Dutch

A guide on how to improve your Wifi connection, together with your neighbours. Dutch only.

purebasic PureBasic Survival Guide - English

An introduction to the PureBasic language.

Main Blog Topics (Filters)

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Show all blog posts (no filters).

columns Columns - English & Dutch

Me, rambling, more than ususal. Brainfarts from a father of two who wonder what is coming next.

reviews All Reviews

All reviews, books, movies, electronics, dog food, whatever... To be honest mostly SF and Fantasy books.

book reviews Book Reviews

All book reviews.

5e nederlands Role Playing Games - English & Dutch

Anything Role Playing Games related. The classical tabletop stuff.

5e nederlands 5e in NL - Dutch

A series of Dutch posts discussing (the rules of) Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. Dutch only.

home theater Home Theater - English & Dutch

About audio, video, standards, hardware, software, and media.

computers and electronics Computers & Electronics - English & Dutch

The 'nerd' part in 'geek'.

home theater Domotics & Homematic - English & Dutch

Some home-automation related stuff.

do it yourself Do It Yourself

Wood working, refurbishing, repairs, furniture, heating, and more...

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Only show posts in English.

dutch posts only Dutch

Only show posts in Dutch.

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Additional topics and keywords can be found on the Blog pages under Topics and More Topics.


wakiewakie Wakiewakie

A WOL tool with progress indicator, designed with the impatient spouse and kids in mind.

wallx WallX

A multi-monitor wallpaper shuffler, auto adjusts to different monitor sizes, recognizes multi monitor wallpapers, and can add some text and graphical effects.

sqb SQB

A SqueezeBox playlist exporter with on-the-fly FLAC to MP3 conversion. Primarily of interest to SqueezeBox users though it might be useful to other people exporting playlists or folders with a mix of MP3 and FLAC files to a MP3 only set of files.

reval REval

Regular Expression Tool. Try regular expressions on a set of data. Based on the engine used in PureBasic, but useful for most regular expression testing, regardless of language.

codecaddy CodeCaddy

An add-on for PureBasic, offering look-up functions, backup, versioning, reformatting, pre-processing. Only of interest to PureBasic users.

software Software

All tools I wrote (sends you to to a page in the PureBasic Survival Guide).


blog NineLizards

Landing page.

what is this all about What is this all about? - English

About this blog...

waar gaat dit over Waar gaat dit over? - Dutch

Over dit blog...

dapper Dapper - English

Dutch Amateur Press Energetically Reproducing. Also known as 'The Party on Paper', a fan created bimonthly about SF and Fantasy.

wattpad Wattpad

Writing is hard. Some of my pathetic experiments.

archive Archive

Pages recovered from the old NightLive website.

clips YouTube

Any related YouTube videos. As of now completely useless.

clips Disclaimer

The obligatory disclaimer. Here be dragons. Blame the dog. (All rights reserverd. Nobody else wanted them.)